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Walking Grades – use your goat instinct
We are here to guide you…

We design our holidays with independent adventurous women in mind. Whatever the age or ability we want to offer a range of holidays to give some challenge, some new experiences and good quality, comfortable accommodation to relax at the end of the day. Each time we take into account the needs of the individual and the specific group.

Everyone is individual and our grading is to guide you to choose the right holiday for you. Our itineraries give more detailed information on what you can expect but we are on hand if you have any questions. We want our holidays to encourage you to come back for more and more.

We have 4 grades to keep it simple. As we get holidays back up and running we will listen to customer feedback and give more information if it is required. A certain flexibility is always required as we take account of local weather conditions. The number of mountain goats reflects the challenge – 1 being easiest and 4 hardest.

1 Goat 1 goat

Easy hikes that anyone with reasonable health can do.
You can expect to walk 2-4 hours a day on easy paths with no steep ascents – typically 5-10km. Our city walks are grade 1 and focus on introducing you to the local area with plenty of refreshment stops. If you are rediscovering your walking legs these holidays could be for you.

2 Goats 2 goats2 goats

Longer hikes.
We know many people like to have some challenge and these walks could include some hills and even mountains. You can expect 4-6 hours of walking with regular refreshment stops. There may be ascents but they will be very steady and usually less than 600m. One of our guides describes these as mountain tortoise style walks – slow and steady. Requires some fitness but rest assured our guide will assess the group and adjust as necessary so everyone feels comfortable with each days walk. You can expect a maximum of 10km per day.

Our Cross Country Skiing for newcomers is usually graded as 2 goats as even though you can take part,never having skiied before,it does require a certain level of fitness.

3 Goats 3 goats3 goats3 goats

Longer hikes with more ascents and descents.
Could be ascents of over 1000m. You can expect to walk for 6-8 hours over rougher terrain and with more height. Walks could be 10-15km but will vary daily. If you are looking to challenge yourself and increase fitness these walks could be for you. You would need strong knees and ankles and stamina to keep going.

4 Goats 4 goats4 goats4 goats4 goats

Demanding hikes in more challenging terrain.
Ascents and descents could be steep and walks up to 10 hours. If we are hiking over 1000m these will definitely be 4 Goat walks. You need to be in good shape and have previous experience of tough walks. Some would describe these as epic as they get you to more unpopulated places and into wilderness if possible. Our newer walks in Switzerland and Andalucia,Spain will typically be 4 Goats as we explore more mountainous terrain with spectacular views from ridges and tops.

‘A bit of everything’

Sometimes we will run holidays with a little bit of everything so couples, or friends, of varying abilities can join. You will be able to select the walk to suit you and then join up at the end of the day to share stories. These are known as our ‘bit of everything’ holidays.

We don’t like to be too prescriptive as your choice depends on what you feel ready and able for. The table below is to give a little more detail to help guide.

Goats Hours Up Down Distance Fitness
1 2 – 4 0 0 5-8km Suitable for anyone
2 4 – 6 600m 300m 6-10km Average fitness
3 6 – 8 900+m 600m 10-15km Good level of fitness
4 8+ 1300m 1000m 5-15km Good level of fitness with great stamina. Walks may be less distance but will be steeper
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