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Q. What time does the holiday start?

The first holiday date given is the day for arriving. No walking happens on this day except maybe a stroll after dinner. You can arrive any time after 2pm; your guide will be there from 5pm and dinner is usually at 7pm, unless it is at an Inn of some sort when it is better to be there by 6.30pm so that the whole group can order from the bar before it gets busy.

Q. What time does the holiday finish?

The walk on the last day is shorter to allow time for travelling home, and will finish by 2pm to be in time for trains from 3pm. You’re welcome, of course, to leave earlier if needed if you don’t mind missing the walk. On trekking holidays or high level w/e breaks, the last day’s walk finishes later – at 3 pm in time for trains from 4pm.

Q. What is the age range on your holidays?

Very difficult to say as it can vary widely, anything from mid 30s to mid 60s and many are in the middle of that range. But we find that your fitness is more important than your age e.g. we have had some very fit 70 year olds! The range of ages is usually wide on each holiday so no-one feels left out and it increases the richness of the mix and the conversations.

Q.How many will there be in the group?

The number of women in each walking group is usually 10 or 11 plus the guide. If the holiday offers more than one grade of walks, there will be 2 walking groups and double this number of women on the whole holiday.

Q. I’m coming on my own and I’ve never been on holiday on my own before. Will I be the only one?

Overwhelmingly the majority of women come on their own and many have never done this type of holiday before so you would be in very good company. Groups gel well and quickly in the main as women bond over the shared experience of walking together. As an example, to quote some recent feedback, which is typical of the comments we get:-

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first WW holiday so I was unsure of what to expect – I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Fantastic bunch who all gelled and had a great laugh with each other!

“It really surpassed my expectations, as I really wasn’t sure what to expect with it being my first one. I would recommend these holidays since they offer friendship and fun plus a wonderful walking experience!”

Q.Do you allow dogs on your holidays?

There are only certain hotels that allow dogs (check the brochure for the current list). WW has no problem about you bringing a dog to one of these hotels so long as he/she is well behaved around people and sheep, kept under control at all times, and is completely non-threatening. If a dog is not well behaved, we reserve the right to refuse to allow the dog to accompany the walks.

Q.How do I become a Guide for WalkingWomen?

Our current programme is already fully covered by existing WW guides. However if you are keen to guide for WW, please send us your CV, details of any guiding qualifications you have, and your reasons for wanting to work with women. Sue will get back to you soon if there is a chance of any guiding work in the future.

Q. Do you know of any walking groups in my area?

I am afraid we don’t know of many smaller independent walking groups in the areas you mention. The only thing we can suggest is that you contact your local tourist information or go on the ramblers association website or the youth hostelling association website who both offer day walking in many areas. Sorry not to be of more help but unfortunately people don’t tend to let us know of the small walking groups and we are so busy that we haven’t the time to search them out although we would love to be able to pass on such information.

Alternative/mixed walking companies

Alternatively, do a Google search for walking holidays.

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