Booking conditions

What to pay and when to pay it:

Please note that your booking is provisional until we confirm we have received your deposit payment.

  • The DEPOSIT of 30% of the total holiday cost should reach us as soon as possible, after we’ve confirmed that your booking is ok. Please note that availability shown on the website is an indication, however cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate for a number of reasons.

We will hold your place for 7 days while awaiting your deposit.

  • The BALANCE of the holiday cost should reach us 90 days before the holiday starts. Our new booking system will send you an automatic reminder 7 days before the balance is due.. Please pay your balance promptly so we don’t have to chase late payments. It also helps us confirm holidays sooner if everyone pays on time. Certain holidays may have earlier balance due dates if earlier payment is required by our providers. Your booking confirmation document will tell you when the balance is due for the holiday you have booked.
If booking within 90 days of the holiday, please send the total payment when you book. We prefer you to pay by bank transfer if possible, especially if booking within 7 days of the holiday.

How to pay:

Please note that we no longer accept cheques, as the bank charges are too high.

  • BY CARD – using the Pay now link on your invoice or over the phone (+44) 07850 604465
    There is no charge for Switch/Maestro /Debit /Credit card payments within the EU. However, we charge 2% extra on all payments made by non EU credit cards. Corporate/company cards are not accepted.
    WalkingWomen Ltd (Barclays Bank)
    Sort Code: 20-76-92
    Account number: 93509036
    (Please give your name as the reference!)

IBAN  GB37BARC20769293509036


If you are sending payment from outside the UK please check with your bank to ensure we receive the correct amount into our account. Your bank may charge fees.

Booking Conditions

  • We cannot return your deposit if you cancel, though it is possible to defer a deposit to another holiday in the same year if we are able to fill your original place. This deferred deposit will reduce the cost of the new holiday overall, but can only be deferred once your original place is filled. We will return the balance of your holiday if we are able to refill your place. We will deduct an admin fee of £20 in both these situations. We strongly recommend travel insurance that includes protection in case you are ill or have to cancel for other reasons, even on UK holidays. Travel insurance is compulsory on all holidays abroad (see also below).
  • We cannot adjust the basic price of the holiday if you arrive late, have to leave early, or if you decide not to walk on one or more of the days. With our foreign holidays, we cannot accept responsibility if you miss your flight.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an advertised walk for reasons of safety, or to change the advertised guide. The decision of the WalkingWomen guide running the holiday has to be final in matters of safety, route choice, inclusion of dogs other than Assistance dogs, and questions as to the composition of the walking group if you have chosen a grade that is well beyond your capability.
  • Dogs are only allowed on holidays at certain hotels & B&B so please let us know if you are frightened of or allergic to dogs, and please talk to us first if you wish to bring your dog to a holiday staying at one of these hotels so that we can tell you what conditions/restrictions apply.
  • Insurance is essential abroad and strongly recommended for UK holidays. It essential that you take out sickness and injury insurance if you are booking a holiday with us abroad (insurance against theft or cancellation is also very highly recommended).  You should take out your travel insurance at the time you book your holiday to ensure you will be covered, and do check the cover carefully to make sure it meets your needs. Please do not wait until you’ve paid the balance or we’ve confirmed the holiday will run as you will not be covered.

If you want very competitive annual insurance, try Essential Travel on 0845 803 5434. In order to make sure you get travel insurance that meets your precise requirements, we suggest that you use the ‘find a broker’ service provided by BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association). Their website is or call them on 0870 950 1790

AgeUK (0845 600 3348) is the most competitive insurance we’ve found if you are over 65 years. If you hear of a direct insurance company offering better rates, please do let us know!

  • We have endeavoured to make sure that the contents of this website are correct at the time of going to print. However, we reserve the right to make changes to holiday details should it become  necessary. If  WalkingWomen cancels the holiday you’ve booked, we will refund all the money you have paid to us. Please note that this does not apply to situations outside our control, such as, but not limited to, disruption caused by natural causes such as volcanic ash, as well as the Coronavirus pandemic.
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